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Arch Druid is always looking for outstanding players to improve our raiding roster and guild community. All experienced and skilled players are encouraged to apply to be a part of our raiding team, regardless of class. If you are proficient in multiple specs or multiple classes, it is a significant bonus. We’re seeking players who have the time, attitude, and drive to excel at the highest levels of competition within the game. Simply put, we are searching for the best of the best. Our goal is to have the best players possible for every single raiding role. Potential recruits are expected to be available for the vast majority of our raids. We expect you to be as knowledgeable as possible about your class and adept at fulfilling any role your class is capable of performing.

Our best members are passionate about their classes and roles and are prepared to push end game content. They are constantly looking for ways to improve, take constructive criticism objectively, and always consider the guild’s priorities over their own personal glory. They are able to adapt to random situations they may encounter and have no issues with being aware of their surroundings.

Our current raiding schedule is 7pm PST – 11pm PST Tues – Thurs (Weekday Group) and 7pm PST – 12am PST Sat / 8pm PST – 12am PST Sun (Weekend Group). If you think you have the talent and attitude to belong in a stable progression-focused guild, we would love to see an application from you. For more information about the guild or any specific questions you may have, please message an officer in game or post on our forums.

Here are a few things we expect:

  • You have Mumble, with a working headset/microphone and all relevant raiding addons
  • You will be able to have high attendance based on our raid schedule (trial members that fail to show up without giving prior warning frequently fail their initiation periods)
  • You won’t die to avoidable raid mechanics repeatedly (void zones, fires, poisons, etc.)
  • You understand your class/spec’s mechanics very well
  • You know how to give and accept constructive criticism without causing drama
  • You come to each raid prepared with knowledge of the encounter(s), proper consumables, spec and glyphs, and you are willing to respec/reglyph if an encounter demands it
  • You have knowledge of and experience with the current tier of raid content

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